The island of Mykonos needs no introductions. It has been said that it is the island made by Gods for humans and its stunning natural beauty is the greatest proof of this statement. 

Little Venice

One of the most iconic spots on Mykonos island, Little Venice, located only 100 m from i-Diva holiday home. Elegant, traditional houses strewn across the Aegean sea’s waterfront pose an incredibly scenic backdrop to enjoy from morning till night while at dusk the scenery becomes magical, with the sunset colours painting a masterpiece in the sky as the sun plunges into the sea.


Mykonos Windmills

A landmark of Mykonos island and perhaps its most photographed location are the 16 Mykonian Windmills, situated one next to the other like beacons of the island’s traditional heritage. Exuding a sense of timeless tranquility, they are the first thing visitors see when approaching the port of Alefkandra.


Delos island

Neighbouring Mykonos' island, the uninhabited island of Delos is part of World Heritage and has been a sacred place since ancient times. Visiting it from Mykonos is incredibly easy and it will open up a whole other level of appreciation brought about by the ancient remains that instantly inspire a sense of awe. Charged with spiritual energy, a trip to Delos is a must for culture seekers. However, since you are not allowed to swim around Delos, combining it with a stop over to Rinia island, which is next to it ,will reveal some almost tropic waters that will enthrall you!


Armenistis Lighthouse

A locals' favourite for soaking up the sunset scenic views without the crowds that are often associated with other more popular spots on the island.


Ano Mera village

For experiencing Mykonos’ more traditional and timeless side, Ano Mera is a typical village located in the center of the island. It has picturesque architecture, some beautiful churches and will take you on a journey through time to when Mykonos was just another Greek island, detached from the hype of modern high life.

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One of the closest beaches to Mykonos Town, Ornos is located just 3 km southeast from the center.


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